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Definition and Basics About Sales Training

Sales training is a very important component of any sales employee. It can take up to 90 days for a new sales employee to become acclimated to selling a product or service; therefore, having effective training implemented early on will help both the new sales employee and the organization. Sales training is a method of teaching sales employees how to accurately and effectively offer a product or service to a customer, follow through and close the deal.


Having an effective training orientation program is key to teaching any new sales employee. New sales employees are eager to learn the ropes. Besides vital company information such as benefits, orientation is a great place to teach your sales method. The Fargomax selling skills training course gives sales employees ample information as to what expectations are and what methods of selling are applicable.

Customer Experience

Training sales employees to interact with customers is vital. This will be time well spent for both the sales employee and for the organization. Teaching them how to dialogue with the customer starting with a greeting upon their first contact. Inform sales employees how to use open-ended questions to start a conversation and then how to intelligently ask what the customers needs are today. Making sure new sales employees are not overzealous or pushy with customers. We use role-playing methods of training to help sales employees to learn how to communicate in a friendly, intelligent manner.

Syllabus includes:

Course Modules

Dark Dot Building your first perfect contact lists
Dark Dot How to create a successful script
Dark Dot Basic cold calling: The art there of
Dark Dot Basic sales process
Dark Dot General skills every salesperson should have
Dark Dot Basic sales models
Dark Dot Maintaining customer relationships
Dark Dot Putting theory into action
Dark Dot Getting you started A - Z

The price for this 3 day course: R 6500.00

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